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The Network


Qual Collective is a network of boutique qual and innovation agencies across western Europe who work together in a smart and agile way. We share projects and methodologies, and put together the most relevant approaches and multi-cultural team for each client and question. 

Together, we design and coordinate international projects across the world, via close partnerships with experienced qual researchers in the rest of Europe, Asia, the US, LATAM.

We combine a mix of qualitative approaches: internal interviews in our clients’ organisations, BtoB and BtoC qual research, both face to face and online, AI-powered online explorations which we curate and analyse, semiology, innovation and problem-solving.

We also increasingly use our online Idea Recycling Workshops, a sequence of multi-country co-creation sessions to generate and optimise ideas and look for hands on solutions.

Both on line and off line, QualCollective is driven by the same passion of understanding deeply consumer perceptions and cultural changes, and giving precise and actionable recommendations to our clients.

Online Today


Online has played an increasingly important role in recent years. 

Because of the current pandemic context, we expect that online conversations will become an even greater part of everyday lives. To harness this change, we have boosted our online capabilities - we use all the possibilities it has to offer to make sure online research or workshops are not a compromise versus offline, but a dynamic and forward-looking tool instead. 

Our convictions regarding online:

  • It allows us to get closer and more real, meeting both consumers and clients in their environment, at home or in the office, creating a relaxed conversation in a ’natural’ setting
  • ‘Online live ethnography’ is particularly interesting, consumers and clients (and their colleagues, friends and family) can show us their usages and habits in real time, with their phones and computers
  • Online allows to reach more varied consumers, with different profiles, or jobs, in particularly geographically - we can meet people across regions, cities, rural vs urban habitats
  • For our clients, we see a double benefit: online saves time (good quality streaming, no travel), and allows a closer collaboration during fieldwork, via structured interactions with moderators and respondents - we feel it is key for early and ongoing team thinking all through projects


Blue Insight is a boutique marketing research and consulting agency based in Paris. We provide research and insight-based consultancy to support our clients in their brand development strategy: innovation, brand communication strategy, structuring product and service offers, development in specific geographical markets… Our approach is insight-based and customised: we look for insight where most relevant, with a 360° perspective. We love to work hand in hand with clients and provide actionable action plans and recommendations. We work mainly on multi-country projects with deep local immersion and understanding.

Anne-Sophie, a trained psychologist and MBA major, worked in qual research for more than 20 years, after starting out in marketing and export management in the luxury industry. She specialises in qual and innovation projects with an international, cross-cultural scope.When not working, Anne-Sophie teaches French to foreigners and explores Europe by train and bike.

Isabelle has long-standing experience in insights and marketing strategy, both on on agency side (Kantar group Added-Value qual Associate) and on the client-side (at the Coca-Cola Company as Knowledge and Insights Manager) and - she is particularly experienced in international research, brand positioning and innovation projects. Isabelle spends her free time doing yoga and coaching teens on volunteer projects.

Céline started her career in qualitative insight with 10 years at Added Value (Kantar group), and then went on to lead a strategic design agency for 15 years. She came back recently to qual because she loves understanding consumer's attitudes and behaviours, and helping brands to innovate and grow. In her free time, Céline likes to travel around Asia and spend time with good friends, preferably under sunny skies..

email annesophie@qualcollective.com email isabelle@qualcollective.com

In market is based in Hamburg and provides qualitative research and insight-based consultancy. We conduct local projects as well as multi-country-studies. Our approach is psychologically founded: empathetic without losing sight of the objectives, always with an open ear to what is said between the lines. Our analysis is clear and to the point, based on the objectives but also thinking beyond. Together with our clients we evolve strategies and future-oriented concepts, closely oriented towards the needs of the envisaged target group.

Ina, a studied psychologist, has founded in market 2001 after 7 years at Research International (today TNS / Kantar group) where she had been head of a team for qualitative research. She walks the world curiously – in business as well as privately. Ina likes to discover small art shops, practices yoga and loves being outdoor in nature.

Jasmin started her career as market researcher in 1995 at Added Value, an international marketing agency. She is passionate about finding out about people’s inner motivations and how these connect to brands. Jasmin likes urban culture as well as discovering new food trends.

email ina@qualcollective.com

Burat is the Amsterdam based state of the art qualitative research agency considering the Benelux as their principal playground . We combine an international scope with a genuine local (country) perspective. Our mission is to reveal the relevant insights and to translate them into powerful propositions. We help our customers to better understand their consumers and we provide them with the knowledge and the tools to create a sustainable relationship with their different stakeholders, based on mutual understanding and empathy. We’re an organisation of senior researchers only, with direct communication lines and with researchers that are fully involved in and accountable for every step of the research process (from briefing to end-report)

Sabine is a linguist and has been working as a qualitative market researcher for more than 20 years, both on agency and on client side (Unilever) an she co-founded Burat in 2001. She is curious, loves people and is especially keen on translating insights into strategic solutions and to find out everything about the reasons behind cultural differences. Her free time is divided between family, good friends, sports and nice food. She has lost her heart to the desert and tries to be there at least every year

Wim has a master in psychology (Brussels) and communications (Ghent). He has been working for research agencies in Belgium and co-founded Burat in 2001. He is ambitious, always looking for the real understanding of consumer motivations and lifting them to a higher level of abstraction. He loves living in the big city and uses his spare time to travel on his motorcycle and to visit as much gigs as possible.

email sabine@qualcollective.com email wim@qualcollective.com


Hold That Thought Ltd - Kirstie Storrar
Kirstie has over 25 years qualitative research experience and before going independent she was an Insight Director at Added Value. Kirstie has long-standing experience coordinating national and international projects in diverse categories ; FMCG, personal care, healthcare, luxury and beauty markets. This has included numerous online research studies involving ethnographical and creative techniques. A keen traveller, Kirstie spent 18 months in Canada working for CMR and loves nothing more than planning her next adventures with family or friends.

email kirstie@qualcollective.com

Insight Deli - Alice Vessey
Alice has 25 years experience in qualitative research with expertise across many categories e.g. food and beverages, fashion, personal care and beauty. She has worked extensively in healthcare and pharma with a focus on ethnography (e.g. diabetes, COPD, heart failure for major pharma brands). She has strong experience in digital/online methodologies and moderation techniques. Alice also has a detailed understanding of the Russian market having worked in Russia over many years and studied French and Russian at Oxford university. Before becoming independent she worked alongside Kirstie as an Associate Director at Added Value. Alice’s innovative, creative and curious mind and approach to life has led her to also becoming a jewellery designer along with a keen interest in culture and different ethnic communities.

email alice@qualcollective.com

Marea Research is a qual marketing research agency based in Milan, founded by Viviana in 1998. We are specialized in brand development, innovation and communication studies

Viviana has 30 years experience in qualitative research and coordinating national and international projects in many different fields: from FMCG to healthcare, web providers and GDO. She has developed her competence at Demoskopea and Ipsos Italy. She has good experience in online studies: forum, individual and group discussions. She has also been Esomar’s speakers in 2001 presenting a new tool addressed Kids’ research. She is passionate in understanding human behaviours and attitudes. As a creative, inspired mind, Viviana loves growing her camellias and writing poems.

Alessandra is a research & innovation consultant translating consumer behaviors and attitudes into brand suggestions to tell the ‘right’ story. Working in market research since 2001, she’s approaching each study with fresh eyes and genuine curiosity. English and French fluently speaking. Semiotic grounding has always represented an additional value which makes her able to provide actionable strategies and useful insights based on a strong ‘structured’ thinking.

Renata is a psychologist working in qualitative research since many years, She has experience across many categories e.g. food and beverages, personal care, homecare. She’s a great moderator of online studies and she can conduct interviews in Spanish too. She collaborates with Marea Research right from the start. Renata is a tireless traveler, she has visited so many countries across the globe, enjoying food and cultural traditions.

email viviana@qualcollective.com

Collaborabrands is a strategic agency based in Madrid y Barcelona. We help create new value proposals that connect with emerging values and take advantage of the digital environment. In our insights services, our commitment is to discover unresolved tensions to build relevant proposals. Identify the superior value with the capability to increase consideration and preference of the brand and articulate the brand’s actions in our strategic planning services. We are experts in design thinking to develop the brand’s singularity in its products and services. And we truly believe in the citizen branding, to help our going further than just differentiating from the category in order to acquire the role society demands us brands.

Jordi with more than 20 years of experience developing brand strategies and defining communication and innovation concepts. In 1997 he founded Planners, the first Strategic Planning consulting agency in Spain. In 2003 Planners was incorporated into the Added Value Group where Jordi was the CEO of Added Value Spain until 2008. He is also professor of brand management in ESADE Business School. He loves spend time with his family, music, food, wine, sports and meditation. He escapes to Menorca when possible to enjoy all the things he likes.

Pablo PH D in Communication Sciences, Master in Marketing and a degree in Literature has worked as Head of Planning in Top Advertising agencies such as Sra Rushmore and DDB among others. Co-Founder of the Account Planning Group, APG chapter in Spain, has been the Chairman and member of the Board for 5 years. His spare time is for family, travelling, reading and just for the moment has given up to write the novel that has been harassing him for so many years.

Mercè has long-standing experience in insights and innovation projects. She worked four years as a Madrid Office Director in Added Value Spain. After she worked for Planners, the first brand strategic planning consultancy in Spain, there she developed the first Coolhunting Panel in Spain. She is an associated teacher in Master in Creative Brand Management. She is happy spending time with her son and friends, listening jazz music all day and driving a small family boat.

email merce@qualcollective.com


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